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HSA 320 Week 1 Discussion 2

“Current Trends in Health Care” Please respond to the following: Determine two aspects of global economic, demographic, and diversity trends that have affected health care human resources management. Provide examples to support your rationale.

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Global Economic: The global economic patterns have permitted businesses to decide that the best matches might not be those candidates that regionally live. Differing qualities in preparing and multifaceted improvement is the main pattern in worldwide HR administration. This kind of preparing permits HR to devote a wide range of instructive and learning openings. Global Recruitment is at the cutting edge of driving organizations to have the capacity to procure the best individual in spite of where they might live. Because of this reason, Benefits and Compensation bundles have been patched up to fit the necessities of various global patterns. For example, in the U.S. Federal laws order the measure of holiday and debilitated time workers are permitted. Notwithstanding, in some

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