HSE 325 Module Four Peer Review Guidelines and Rubric

    July 12, 2023

Overview: Peer review is vital as it provides an opportunity to provide constructive feedback to your peers. This feedback should assist your peers in
strengthening their writing. Additionally, peer review affords an opportunity to reflect on the assignment and discover ways that you can improve your own
paper. After reading and reviewing the work of others, it can provoke ideas and clarify items that may be in question.
Prompt: In Module Three, you submitted Milestone Two of your first final project, a 1–2 page draft of the Delivery Models section of the final paper, which
addressed all questions included in the critical elements. Now, in Module Four, you will review at least two of your peers’ submissions and provide feedback with
recommendations for improvement. For this assignment, first include your Final Paper Milestone Two submission in one complete Word document as an
attachment in your initial entry. Then, use the Module Four Peer Review Checklist to review two classmate’s papers. Complete a separate checklist for each peer
review that you complete and include as an attachment in your replies to your peers. Specifically, you should address your peers’ ability to address critical
element Section II (Delivery Models) in the Final Paper Guidelines and Rubric document and provide suggestions on ways in which classmates could better meet
those critical elements in their paper.
For your initial entry (1) you must:
ď‚· Post a draft of your Final Paper Milestone Two submission (draft of Delivery Models section) in one complete Word document as an attachment.
ď‚· Identify in the body of post potential areas of concern and/or areas on which you would like feedback.
ď‚· Complete the initial entry by Thursday 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.
For your peer reviews (2) you must:
 Select two different classmate’s drafts for review. Once you have selected drafts to review, submit a quick note that you are reviewing it in the discussion
board. Select drafts to review that do not have any reviews first, then go to drafts that only have one reviewer listed.
 Review each of your peers’ drafts using the Module Four Peer Review Checklist. Attach the completed checklists for each peer in your “reply” posts.
ď‚· Complete the two peer reviews by Sunday 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.
Guidelines for Submission: You must create an initial entry and respond to at least two of your peers, addressing the criteria provided above.

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