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Did the government utilize the Seven Cardinal Rules of Risk Communication(Maniscalco, Ch 4, page 53) following the September 11th terrorist attacks? Explain at least three rules the government implemented and how; and at least one rule the government could have executed better. Support your thoughts and ideas with appropriate resources.

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According to Maniscalco & Christen (2011), “Risk communication focuses on communicating disaster preparedness information and mitigation strategies to the public in order to minimize the potential effects of an event before said event occurs” (Sec.4.2). There are seven rules to risk communication, however depending on the perspective will very the if the rule was followed. Rule 1 number of the Seven Cardinal Rules according to Maniscalco & Christen (2011),“Accept and involve the public as a legitimate partner. Disaster managers must realize in advance that the public is going to want to be involved and will find a way to be

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