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HSM 320 WEEK 3 Discussion 1

Explain at least two critical safety steps and two challenges faced by first responders following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.As a first responder to an act of terrorism involving explosives, explain how you would approach the incident and concerns you would likely have. Support your thoughts and ideas with appropriate resources.

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One of the critical safety steps and challenges as a first responder on scene, would be a damage assessment of the building and the challenge rescue efforts face with the post blast. The force of the explosion destroyed three of the four support columns in the front of the building and resulted in a pancaking effect of the upper floors onto the lower floors. There was also concern for complete collapse of the structure onto itself, thus creating a hazardous environment and challenge for rescue efforts. As a first responder involving explosives, I would approach the scene with caution, with

The attack that occurred on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was a tragic event in our history. The event occurred on the 19th of April of 1995 and was conducted by a former Army Soldier by the name of Timothy McVeigh. He employed a homemade explosive device comprised of fertilizer, diesel gas, and other biological components. McVeigh placed the bomb inside of the truck and parked it in downtown Oklahoma City in front of the Murrah federal building creating one of the worse VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device) attacks in American history. There were two essential safety precautions that the emergency personnel responding to the attack were faced with: (Communication and Organized management) The communication abilities between the local medical centers in Oklahoma City were severely hampered after the bombing with telephone lines being overworked and overloaded: “the Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio system was operational only in three of the 15 hospitals” (Robison, 1997).

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