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250 – 300 words, describe at least two personnel safety issues faced by September 11th first responders (World Trade Center or Pentagon). Provide two suggestions for how government agencies (local, state, and or federal) could have coordinated and communicated better to avoid these safety issues. Support your thoughts and ideas with appropriate resources.

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Safety Issues Faced by September 11thFirst Responders
Two personnel safety issues faced by September 11thfirst responders (WTC) are (I) Lack of personnel protective equipment (PPE), at the time of the disaster every responder was in a state of shock and the one training that kicked into gear was to ‘safe as many lives as possible’ there was insufficient PPE for everyone and as a result, many of first responders who survived the 9/11 suffer from severe respiratory illnesses “In FDNY, more than 600 firefighters were forced into retirement because they were deemed permanently disabled, allegedly from exposure to Ground Zero hazards” (Torres, 2006). The military has more training with PPE than first responders, according to a report article by (Torres, 2006) many of the first responders did not know how to properly wear a respiratory mask “and some of the rescue workers were not as well-trained as the firefighters.” (II) Communication was severely disrupted, once the planes hit the World Trade Center, communication was lost. According to the New York Times (Dwyer et. al., 2002), “the pilot of one helicopter, Aviation 14, radioed at 10:07 a.m. ”It’s inevitable”, their radio system failed frequently that morning.
Even if the radio network had been reliable, it was not linked to the police system, and the police and fire commanders guiding the rescue efforts did not talk to one another during the crisis.” Now instead of rescuing people from the towers, the mission focused to rescuing first responders as well. Two suggestions for how government agencies (local, state, federal) could have coordinated and communicated better to avoid these safety issues are (I) The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) “Responders should not become blinded by tunnel vision. They should survey the entire scene, including the area above them, for threats to their safety” (Maniscalco, 2006, p. 74). TheNational Emergency Management Plan (NEMP) released in 2004, OSHA clarified that in the future the agency will not enforce safety rules, but will instead provide technical assistance during large-scale emergencies.(II) Improve communication tactics among first responders and other emergency departments, and use shared frequency and common language. “Effective incident response and management were plagued by incompatible radio frequencies, lack of priority resource allocation, and poor coordination/control among

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