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HSM320 Week 3 Discussions

How has the physician-patient relationship changed over the past century? Are the changes good or bad for the delivery of quality healthcare?

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Welcome to week 3! I am enjoying our interesting discussions about healthcare and the legal and ethical aspects. This week, we are going to discuss the relationship between the physician and the patient and see how it has evolved. We know that the changes in healthcare have also lead to changes in the relationship sand the delivery of quality. How has this relationship evolved? How will healthcare reform affect this relationship? I look forward to our discussions. I agree with Joanna that the patient physician relationship is a little different now. I don’t think physicians spend as much time with their patients as they were able to in the past. Also, managed care has made access to medical care more difficult. There are often referrals needed and difficulties accessing care.

Also, my insurance often had me seeing nurse practitioners when I was sick rather than a physician so it was often different people providing health services to me rather than the same person. I think malpractice litigation has also played a part in breaking down trust between the patient and physician. I do agree with you. Healthcare is a business and when we have more choices we can have higher expectations. This follows the supply and demand chain that exists in most business environments. As far as technology, it certainly has helped to make interactions quicker in

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