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HSM320 WK2 D1 World Trade Center

Describe at least two personnel safety issues faced by September 11th first responders (World Trade Center or Pentagon). Provide two suggestions for how government agencies (local, state, and or federal)could have coordinated and communicated better to avoid these safety issues.

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One of the personnel safety issues from the attacks on September 11thposed many issues for the first responders. One of the biggest problems that these first responders faced was the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). There was not enough PPE to go around to all the first responders or to those men and women who helped in the aftermath. There was very heavy debris, chemicals and hazardous materials in the air that these first responders inhaled. This went on for many days after these attacks. There are still many of these first responders still suffering from inhalation problems from this day. “Due to their exposure to deadly fumes and particulate on that day and the ensuing weeks

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