HSMT 2103 – Current Events Report 2

“Why Most Performance Reviews Are Biased, and How to Fix Them” – Lori Mackenzie, JoAnne Wehner and Shelley Correll

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The authors of this article composed this reading to discuss the different ways that performance reviews are biased along with different ways to fix this issue. A performance evaluation is an assessment of an employee’s work performance based on a scale of how well they met company expectations. Performance reviews are very important because they assess merits, determine who deserves to get rewards or promotions, and they allow accurate feedback for employees. It needs to be assured that there is no bias or fault in these reviews because it could cause an unbalance in the workplace between employees and management. This article’s goal is to stray away the mindset of an “open-box” concept and advise individuals to reduce ambiguity and be fair-minded when it comes to filling out performance evaluations.

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