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human development attachment style

From an attachment theoretical perspective, how would a doctor approach patients differently depending on the patient’s attachment style? What impact might the doctor’s own attachment style have? Give a practical example of how insecure and secure attachment can play out in the doctor-patient relationship.

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The attachment theoretical perspective is defined as a deep bond that connects one person to another, in this case a child and their early caregiver. According to the article “Attachment Security, Compassion and Altruism” by Mario Mikulineer and Philip Shaver, there are 3 different stages of attachment. The first is Stranger Anxiety where children show different responses to the arrival of a stranger. The second is Separation Anxiety where the child expresses some level of distress when separated from the primary caregiver even for a short period of time. The third is Social Referencing which is the degree at which a child looks for/towards their primary caregiver on how they should respond to something new. Attachment theory states that during personal

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