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Human Growth and Development Class

Writing Assignment for Human Growth and Development Class


Goal: Analyze the parts of science by finding two professional social scientific journal articles that are original research from Wor-Wic’s data bases and summarize.

The writing assignment for this class will be a research paper. PLEASE READ the guidelines below BEFORE writing your paper.

1. The paper must be in 12 point Times New Roman font, with one inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides. The paper should be three to five pages in length, NOT INCLUDING cover page or reference page.

2. The paper must be in American Psychological Association (APA) format. There are guidelines on the Library Services homepage (Current Students>Learning Resources>Library Services>Citing Sources>APA Style). Click on the APA Style handout and READ the document regarding in-text citations, reference pages, and cover page. DO NOT attempt to write this paper without reading this information FIRST, OR you may go to ANY media/computer center on campus and pick up a hard copy of the APA Style handout.

3. You must utilize Wor-Wic’s databases to do your research. Follow this link: Current Students>Learning Resources> Library Services>Research Databases. Click on the Social Sciences/Psychology/Sociology link. This will direct you to a page which lists all of the available databases Wor-Wic has for students. Popular databases for Psychology research include ProQuest Central, ProQuest Psychology Journals, and ProQuest Social Science Journals. You are looking for a PEER REVIEWED, SCHOLARLY JOURNAL which is ORIGINAL RESEARCH!! This does NOT include newspaper articles, book reviews, or magazines!! Your article will have “headers” in the content: Introduction, Subjects/Methodology, Data, Results, Discussion. The article will be about research written by those who performed the research/study (i.e., “original” or “primary” research). You need to find a minimum of TWO articles about the topic you are interested in- any topic under the discipline of Psychology is acceptable, as long as you have the correct type of articles.

4. Your paper should have an introduction section which answers the following questions:

What is your topic?

Why did you choose it?

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