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Humanity wk 7 discussion

Choose two inventions from this Era of Invention and explain why they changed the world of their time and why they are still important.  Use specific examples and identify the people who were the agents of change in each example.

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Electricity is one of the most creation in history because it released people to a entire new world. Without power, the world would never be able to revolutionize. As time pass on, people keep trying to enlarge this invention and renew it. Most inventions would in no way have occurred with no electricity. Ever since it was created, most of the inventions that were centered off it was used to help out the invention. It enhances light to the world and is part of the key to most modern-day setbacks. Also, without electricity, it would be difficult to be in touch with the rest of the world and the world as we see it would not be as sophisticated. Without electricity, transportation would yet be

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