****i completed the assignment ; however i have to take this class again and i do not want to rewrite an entire assignment over.

    October 7, 2022

****I completed the assignment ; however I have to take this class again and I do not want to rewrite an entire assignment over.
I will attach my complete version. I am asking to maybe revise and add or remove information.
****I will attach the assignment details as well. Please do not just proofread and edit grammar; I can do that as my final before submission.
****I need it to be formatted and not look like I just copy and paste my entire assignment. I hope this is clear.
Thanks Much
Select 1 current financial or economic issue in the health care industry that you want to address.(I’ve already chosen)
Assignment DirectionsWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper about the financial or economic issue you selected in which you:
Analyze the financial impact of this issue on the health care industry. Consider the following:
What are the economic trends of the health care payment system?
What are the supply and demand challenges for health care services?
Why are costs increasing in the health care system?
What regulatory issues are affecting, or will affect, the health care industry?
Recommend at least 1 strategy to address the issue.
Consider current strategies being used or presented for improving the issue.
Discuss what you believe would be the outcome of these recommendations, if implemented.
Format your references according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.

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