I have to do this naturally!”

    October 7, 2022

1) Initial Response: Discuss client goals and the preparation by the nurse for both analgesia and anesthesia when utilized during labor and delivery   
2) Your laboring mom is 6 centimeters dilated and starts to hyperventilate with each contraction. She yells “I don’t want any meds! I have to do this naturally!” You notice that the support person has been disengaged from the process for most of your morning introduction and patient handoff to begin your shift. The support person is sitting in the recliner watching TV. How would you involve the support person for labor?
3) discuss one pharmacologic and one nonpharmacologic therapy available to a woman and her support person to help relieve pain during labor and birth.
4) discuss the importance of always having naloxone (Narcan) available to use for possible newborn resuscitation if an opioid analgesic is used.
Requirements: 150 Word Minimum Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc file
Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions
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