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(I want my paper about Tupac )Paper requirementhe subject can be a band or indiv

(I want my paper about Tupac )Paper requirementhe subject can be a band or individual but must be a pop/rock/rap/alternative derivative. It does not have to be a band we have covered and can be one listed in the book or a more current act as long as you can find enough info on the subject. Reggae is ok. No country jazz or classical will be acceptable.The paper must be 2 full pages( you can go over a bit) 12 font double spaced andno particular format(such as MLA APA). Cite only your primary source and it cant be the textbook or lecture. Use websites or other books for sources.1. A brief historical sketch- general background of musicians before they were famous and the beginnings of the band.2. Career Highlights- Important highlights after the group achieved fame3. Why this music has meaning to you. <

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