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IDS 313 Module 4 Discussion

Slave breeding was an important part of the antebellum economy. Based upon this week’s readings and the multimedia discuss the impact the capitalization of the enslaved body (both male and female) impacted family life for enslaved people. Please cite your readings to develop your post.

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Slave breeding was in fact an important part of the antebellum economy, and it impacted individuals of both genders as well as their families. It was believed that laborers or slaves were worth even more than the land they were working on. As our readings stated, if farmers lost crops or owed debts, they would often payback those debts by turning over slaves instead of money. Slave lives were just like a form of currency, unlike like land or crops that were not as easily traded. Women slaves were literally treated as laborers and sexual objects. Women slaves were often raped by their masters and their family and friends. This heinous act

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