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IDS 313 Week 2 Discussion

After watching the two films, reading your materials, and viewing the multimedia, compose a post that addresses the following: (a) What were the differences and similarities between sexual attitudes in the parts of the Eastern world and Western world. What roles did gender play? (b) What role did social status play in sexual activities? and, (c) How did enslavement factor into the role of sex and sexual pleasure? Please note that you may denote a specific group in the prompts (b)and (c).

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The main differences between sexual attitudes in the Eastern World and Western World are the teachings of sex and the actual sexual acts themselves. One of the most interesting things to learn about was attitudes towards circumcision throughout the globe and throughout history. In ancient Western World, circumcision was very normal and practiced regularly. However, in Ancient Mesopotamia (Eastern World) circumcision was not as regularly and religiously

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