Ifsm 370 Discussion of week 5 post 1

The three layers of OSI model I choose are the application layer, data link layer and session layer.

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The application layer– This layer directly interacts with data from the user. Application layer is important because it initiates communication between web browsers and email clients. It provides protocols that allow software to send and receive information and present meaningful data to users. Some of these protocols include Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). This protocol enables email communication. The application layer also uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

The data link layer– This layer facilitates data transfer between two physically connected nodes on the same network. It breaks up packets into frames and sends them from source to destination. This layer is important because the Logical Link Control (LLC) part of this layer performs error checking whiles the Media Access Control (MAC) part, uses MAC addresses to connect devices and define permissions to transmit and receive data. The data

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