Ifsm 370 Discussion of week 5 post 11

The Open System Interconnection or OSI Model is a conceptual framework that describes the various steps involved in establishing and maintaining a network connection between various systems (Williams, 2021).

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Transport Layer– is a component of the network layer that provides data transport from a source machine to a destination machine. It can be hosted on multiple networks and maintains the integrity of the service functions. This layer sends a message to the server that tells it how much data should be sent. It sends the data units in sequence. The transport layer carries the data from the server to the recipient. It provides an acknowledgment of the transmission and sends the data in case of errors. TCP or Transmission Control Protocol is the best-known example of Transport Layer.

Session Layer – controls the dialogues between the computers. It lets you establish the start and terminate the connections between the remote and local applications. It offers various services like dialog discipline. These can be used for handling duplex or half-duplex calls.

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