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Ifsm 370 Discussion of week 5 post 16

Select three layers of the OSI model. Describe what the layers do, any specific protocols that are utilized in that layer, and why those layers are important.

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Physical Layer – This is the layer that handles the raw bit streams over physical devices and mediums. It is the physical link between hardware and devices over the network, taking into consideration principles like voltages, distances/ranges, connectors, cabling, data rates, etc. The protocols used in this layer are Bluetooth, PON, OTN, DSL, IEEE.802.11, IEEE.802.3,L431 and TIA 449 (Techopedia, 2019). The physical layer is significantly important because without it, there would be no network. This is the first layer of the OSI model that sets up the entire network, specifically down to how the signals to be transmitted/moved from one device to the next and the data on the devices themselves.

Network Layer – This is the third layer in the OSI model that is responsible for routing and logical addressing. It is where the data packets of the information being transmitted is organized in a readable format to where it can be recognized by another routing devices/nodes in the network. The protocols used in this layer are IPv4, IPv6, SPX, DCCP and SCTP (Techopedia, 2019). The network layer is considered to be the most important layer in the OSI model because its is the foundation of the Internet, being one of the biggest network communications we have today.

Application Layer – This is the final layer of the OSI model responsible for what the user sees as their end result. This is how the users are able to interact with user applications and synchronize communications. The protocols used in this layer are HTTP, SMTP, DHCP, FTP, Telnet, SNMP and SMPP (Techopedia, 2019). This layer is critical as it is essentially the end product that the whole network system/OSI model is trying to accomplish. The user can receive and interact with the data given to them through the previous layers of the OSI model as it is now in a readable, interactive format that has already been transmitted and translated. Hence why the email protocols are within this layer, as this how the users themselves get to handle the data.

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