Ifsm 370 Discussion of week 5 post 8

Select three layers of the OSI model. Describe what the layers do, any specific protocols that are utilized in that layer, and why those layers are important.

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The application layer of the OSOI model is the layer that interacts most with the end user. The layer receives information from the end use and displays data to the user. Although applications aren’t housed within the application layer, the application layer helps the communication from the other layers to connect with applications. Some of the application layer protocols include HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (allows internet users to exchange website information), FTP or File Transfer Protocol (transfers files from a computer to server to client on a computer network), POP or Post Office Protocol (transfers messages from email server to email client), SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (send and receive email), and DNS or Domain Name System (translates requests by managing and mapping names and numbers) (Shaw, 2021).
The presentation layer prepares data for the application layer. Any data transmitted from the application layer will be prepared for transmission over the session layer. The presentation layer has several protocols and a few of them are MIME or Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (provides scalable email for attaching images, sounds, and text within a message), NNTP or Network News Transfer Protocol(connect with Usenet server and transmit newgroup articles over the internet), LPP or Lightweight Presentation Protocol ( offers ISO presentation services on top of TCP/IP based protocol stacks), and NCP or NetWare Core Protocol (performs functions like file sharing, printing, clock synchronization, and remote processing and messaging).
The session layer creates communication channels referred to as sessions between devices. This layer opens sessions while ensuring they remain open and functional while data is being transferred and them closes the session when it ends. Some of the protocols of the session layer include RPC or Remote Procedure Call Protocol (works as a request response protocol), PPTP or Point to Point Tunneling Protocol(network protocol that enables secure transfer of data), SCP or Session Control Protocol (allows server and client to have multiple conversations over single TCP connection), and SDP or Session Description Protocol(supports streaming media applications).

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