IHP 340 Module Four Worksheet

    November 2, 2022

Overview: Every data collection and analysis method has limitations. For this worksheet activity, using the Reference article from the provided list for your final project article, identify all elements of the article that you have studied in previous modules. In addition, identify the limitations presented by the study population and the advantages and disadvantages of the statistical analysis used.

Prompt: For this activity, complete the following:

  1. Review the article you selected for the final project.
  2. Obtain the corresponding Reference article from the provided list and review it.
  3. Download and complete the Module Four Worksheet document, addressing the questions in the five areas below:

o Identify the articles

o Purpose, research question, and hypothesis

o Research methods

o Results or key findings

o Limitations

  1. Upload and submit your completed worksheet assignment.

Guidelines for Submission: Your response to each question in the worksheet should be written in your own words. You may paraphrase information from the article, but do not directly quote or copy and paste text. Once you have completed the worksheet template, upload and submit your saved worksheet file to finish this assignment.

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