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importance of brands in furthering the mission of an NGO/NPO and in driving social change.

According to the American marketing association, a brand is defined as “a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (Tschirhart, 2012, p. 185). For a nonprofit organization, a brand can be a name, trademark, logo, or slogan that serves to convey an emotional message about the organization’s mission, purpose, values, benefits, and/or services to the community.
In order to reach clients, potential donors, and volunteers, NPOs/NGOs must communicate their message effectively using a broad range of communication and marketing strategies. Nonprofit messages have to be emotionally appealing, authentic, and engaging to raise audience awareness and action. NPOs/NGOs must be differentiated to ensure sustainability.
Before an NPO/NGO can differentiate its services form other similar organizations, it needs to consider how to communicate with its audiences to determine those needs and wants as well as to market its programs.
In this Discussion, you will look at the importance of brands in furthering the mission of an NGO/NPO and in driving social change.
Post the name and mission of the NPO/NGO for your Final Project and explain the type of brand you would create that would highlight its vision, mission, values, beliefs, benefits, and/or purpose. Post or draw a compelling image or logo that “tells the story” of your mission and vision.

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