Improving Individual Health Outcomes Across the Care Continuum

    November 5, 2022

Collaboration Café: Improving Individual Health Outcomes Across the Care Continuum
Revisit the scenario that you created for the Week Five Collaboration Café and respond to the following:
Expand your case scenario describing how the individual may experience transitions across the healthcare continuum as a result of the alteration in health experienced. (For example: the individual may be admitted through the Emergency Department, rushed to surgery, and transferred to the surgical intensive care unit; or the individual may transition from an assisted living facility to the hospital and then to a long-term acute care facility. These are just two examples; however, you can be creative as you expand your scenario.)
Discuss the physical, psychosocial, cultural, economic, educational, and environmental variables that may impact the individual’s health as a result of the transitions.
Explain how competency in holistic, advanced physical assessment, pathophysiology, and pharmacology can influence safe, person-centered care during the transition process.

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