Select two discussion questions from the chapter below and post your response addressing the two questions in one posting response (be sure to identify the questions you selected in your response).


Chapter 9- After Conviction: The Problem of Prison– Select Two Question Below:

1. Based on what you learned about the different rationales for punishment in Chapters 8 and 9, which of our model countries seem to genuinely believe in rehabilitation? Incapacitation? Retribution?
2. What factors do you believe contribute to high occupancy rates? Why does the United States have a much higher incarceration rate than most other countries?
3. Refer to the web page with the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Offenders at and discuss the degree to which they are implemented in our model countries. Which standards do you believe are most difficult to achieve? Why?
4. Explain what strategies for reducing prison crowding you believe to be most effective.
5. In light of some countries’ abuses in the use of incarceration and violations of prisoners’ rights, what can be done to influence a country to change its policies? What might be the limits to the enforcement of such policies?

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