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INF336 Week 3 Discussion 2 Quality

Suitability and reliability are two examples of quality in terms of buying materials, goods or services. Provide an example of a “best buy” from your professional experience where quality aspects were not met in accordance to the text definition of quality dimensions

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Chapter 7 of our texts has stated that to reach a sound decision on the best buy requirements, all relevant parties – marketing, engineering, operations, and supply – are to work closely together in regards to meeting the responsibility based on the circumstances [Joh10].The example of a “best buy” that I would like to use is in terms of using standard procedures and policies within my employer that have helped to save money within the spending limits of the company and keep the risk of having unexplained costs at a minimum. One example is the using certain vendors to receive volume discounts and rebates at the end of the year for ALL purchases

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