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INF337 Week 4 Discussion 2

The text describes the key attributes of Value management as management style, positive human dynamics, and consideration of external and internal environment. Provide an example of each of these attributes of VM for a successful project you have been involved with. Which of these attributes do you feel provided the most return in value and why?

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Although there are three contributing components to value management (VM),Venkataraman (2008) said value management is one of the most importing parts to the mind setof overall project management. Those three components are management, human dynamics, and external and internal environments. Each of these components contain separate focus areas. The first being management. This component focuses on communication, teamwork and customer requirements. Human dynamics is used to encourage teams/people to work together to solve problems to get to a change. Finally, external and internal environments uses preexisting conditions of the organization and takes into consideration internal conditions that are not uninfluenced. In my current organization, we use VM to work most of our projects as we are required to identify program shortfalls, find the right people to fill the void and finally, start meetings to get the key players into the planning and completion pattern.

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