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What is an alert roster? What is an alert message? Describe the two ways they can be used when activated.

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An alert roster is document that contains a list of individuals within a company that are to be notified when an incident occurs. There’s two types of alert rosters: sequential and hierarchical (Whitman). The sequential roster is an example of one person calling all the other people on the roster. Hierarchical is when a person calls a few people, whom after also call a few other people. Each of the two have their own advantages and disadvantages (Whitman). The hierarchical roster seems to be a faster way of reaching the message out to the people who are responsible, nevertheless, the downside to it is that the message might get changed on the way as it’s passed from one to another by verbal communication. On the other hand, sequential roster would be more accurate since the whole process will be communicated by one person who is responsible for it, however it would

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