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Integrating TQM and SCM (Week 7B)

Integrating TQM and SCM (graded)

How can TQM and SCM be integrated together? Why is this integration important? What things need to be considered before this is attempted?

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Responses are listed below in the following order: response, author and the date and time the response is posted. Expand All Sort by Read/Unread Response Author Date/Time Mark as Read Integrating TQM and SCM Charliene Camp house Email this Author6/14/2015 12:50:26 PMSCM (supply chain management) works to reduce total supply chain costs by providing a strong partnership with suppliers. The integration of TQM and SCM is important because it focuses on actionable decision making, finding the rootof problems, and making processes better. This integration process puts inplace the principals and gives support to the effective practices established by TQM. Leadership must be on board before consideration of integrating TQM and SCMcan be done. Therefore the organization must receive communication from top management of their commitment to meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. Management must have a quality policy, must provide quality objectives, conduct reviews and provide resources.

The success of supply chain management (SCM) depends largely on the firm’s efficiency in managing its processes. SCM is regarded as a powerful vehicle incost reduction overall and performance improvement. It can also increase afirm’s competitiveness if it is well-managed. The origin of SCM is perceived to derive from logistics management (Lee, Kincade 2003; Cox 1999; Tan et al. 2002)and Romano and Vinelli (2001) referred it as integrated logistics management. SCM has evolved from a functional focus to cross-functional collaborations. This collaborative strategy has gained popularity among supply chain firms particularly due to the need for global market presence and increased customer demands. Effective collaboration are useful for capturing cost savings,enhancing customer satisfaction, facilitating synergies, adding value to allsupply chain partners and ultimately remaining competitive in the industry.Slack, Chambers and Johnston (2004) argued that supply chain activities consistof purchase and supply management, physical distribution management, logisticsand material management. Overall, SCM includes the sourcing of raw materials,productions, new product development and commercialization, sales and marketing,product returns and recycling, and managing supplier and customer relations(Lockamy, McCormack 2004; Mills et al. 2004; Talib et al. 2011).Networking and collaboration enhance firm’s performance. Literature within SCMdocumented the need for cooperation due to the emergence of quality managementphilosophies. Therefore, this has resulted the study on the linkages betweenadoption of total quality management (TQM) practices and organizational outcomes

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