International marketplace


Strategic Planning

This is a two-part assignment, starting in Unit 3 and completed in Unit 4. Complete Part 1 of this assignment in Unit 3 by executing the requirements below. You will combine Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment in Unit 4 and submit it to the Unit 4 Dropbox for grading. It is imperative that you complete Part 1 of this assignment in Unit 3, Procrastination can be detrimental to your success in this class. Although Part 1 of this assignment is not due until Unit 4, do not wait until Unit 4 to complete Part 1 of this assignment. You can easily fall behind. The quality and depth of learning demonstrated in these deliverables matter.

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment:

GB580-2: Formulate a strategic plan to improve competitive advantage within target markets.


It is been some time since you became the general manager of the Turul Winery in the FLIGBY simulation theme and gameplay. As the general manager of the Turul Winery, you spent countless hours of time and a great deal of effort assessing the design and strategy of the organization. You have a deep understanding of the organization, and the owner has requested that you formulate a strategic plan to improve the competitive advantage of the Turul Winery within target markets. This requires you to conduct an additional series of strategic analyses to build an understanding of the competitive position of the Turul Winery in current and potential future markets. You will analyze the external environment to explore opportunities and threats to the business. Furthermore, you will investigate the internal environment of the Turul Winery to determine factors that lead to competitive advantages for the business. Finally, you will construct a business model canvas to inform your market research efforts to identify a business expansion opportunity based on your findings. Your goal is to demonstrate skill and expertise in assessing and planning a results-oriented organizational (business-level) strategy focused on resilience, efficiency, and innovation to ensure competitive advantage, sustainability, and growth. You will use the results of these analyses to inform the development of a strategic plan due to the owner of Turul Winery in 2 weeks’ time.

Use the following criteria to conduct various forms of analyses to inform your strategic plan for an expansion effort into the international marketplace.

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