Introduction Speech: Three Social Issues 

    April 6, 2023

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This is your opportunity to share with us three social issues you are passionate about. This assignment also serves as a brainstorming activity for the future advocacy paper assignment. 


Directions: Please provide us with a 2-3 minute video that includes the following: 

1. Briefly introduce yourself to the professor and your fellow classmates.

2. List all three social issues at once. 

3. Discuss each issue independently. 

For example:

The first issue I’d like to discuss is the idea of elite feminism. This is important to me because a lot of people who do amazing work for the community have been affected by this. One example would be the silencing of black women during Hilary Clinton’s campaign. While Hilary claimed to be a voice for “minorities” (I dislike that term by the way) she proved otherwise when she refused to “pass the mic”  during one of her speaking events.” 

Second, I would like to discuss the Covid Vaccine Mandate… “

Please keep in mind that this is a speech assignment; a recording is absolutely necessary.

You do not have to submit any written work 

Grading: 10 points

What do I do when I’m done recording? Upload video to your YouTube account and set as “unlisted” 

How do I get a video into the Discussion Board? Copy and Paste URL below or Embed video

What do I do when I am done posting? You will be responsible for watching and responding to the 1 other video. 

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