Introduction to Database Systems

Introduction to Database Systems

Project Description

This project is based on the material in textbook Chapter 3 – Chapter 5, and Appendix A sections 2 – 5. All the references on figures, chapters/sections


The database for Wedgewood Pacific (WP) has been discussed extensively in Chapter 3 as well as in the “Working with Microsoft Access” in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Complete the following four tasks using MySQL (Community Server 8.0 and the Workbench).

Create one document file (Microsoft Word or PDF format) that contains all your SQL scripts (in text format) and clear screenshots (with brief explanation) for all 4 parts.

1. Create the Wedgewood Pacific (WP) database as described in Chapter 3. This will include:

a. Creating the WP schema, and setting it as the default schema.

b. Creating a folder to hold SQL scripts for the WP schema in the C:/Documents/MySQL Workbench/Schemas folder.

c. Creating and running an SQL script named WP-Create-Tables based on Figure 3-7 (page

152) to create the WP table structure.

d. Creating and running an SQL script named WP-Insert-Datas based on Figure 3-11 (pages 159 – 161) to populate the WP tables.

What to turn in?

· Provide screenshots (similar to Figure A-19 and Figure A-20) with a brief explanation to demonstrate that you have completed this task.



2. Write an SQL query to answer the bolded question below based on the WP database that you have created in part 1.

Who are the employees assigned to projects run by the Sales and Marketing DepartmentThe result should be sorted by ProjectID in ascending order, and contain the following information: ProjectID, ProjectName, Department, DepartmentPhone, EmployeeNumber, LastName, FirstName, and OfficePhone.

What to turn in?

· A copy of your SQL script (in text format, not screenshot image);

· A screenshot of the results of running the query.

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