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Is there a correlation with increased incidence of autism and immunizations?Under “Purpose”, state the purpose of the paper…”The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relationship between_____and_____.”

Is there a correlation with increased incidence of autism and immunizations?Under “Purpose”, state the purpose of the paper…”The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relationship between_____and_____.”IMMUNIZATION PAPERThis is a position paper. Each student is to decide on a controversy related to immunizations, vaccines, doses given, links to other diseases, government involvement, etc. This is not an inclusive list by any stretch, only a few examples. Pick a controversy. It can be a topic affecting the student personally or a Google search. This is a 6-10 page paper, so avoid very broad topics or areas of concern. Be specific and focused related to the topic. Please email the topic chosen to as soon as decided.Use the words in the “Content” column of the rubric as paper headings. Using these specific headings is not mandatory; however using these topics facilitates the research of topic and assembly of paper. Also, when grading your paper, I will look for these headings/criteria. If they are not used as headings, make sure it is stated succinctly so it can found easily. Introduction: discuss why this topic has been chosen, the population involved, the government agency, etc. Under “Purpose”, state the purpose of the paper…”The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relationship between_____and_____.”Each paper will be different, however place a succinct statement of purpose. There should probably be more discussion here related to both sides of the controversy. The literature review must be recent, the most recent available and sum up both sides of the topic. Over 5 years is questionable unless one is comparing older with new. Currently, a lot of information about immunizations has been published. All sides of the controversy must be researched and presented. Try to keep your position from showing until later in the paper. The “Rationale” section is explained in the rubric. Often this section is covered in the Literature Review. In the “Reflection” section is the place for your position and why and did you modify your position during this exercise.Four references must be respected, peer reviewed nursing or medical journals. No one is limited to just 4, however these 4 must fit the above criteria. CDC or FDA sites can be used for one; Journal of Infection Control, Lancet, and BJM all have had recent articles. There is a new CEU offering, October 2008, in American Nurse Today related to this topic. If there are questions on appropriateness, email me.Be very careful with websites that are conduits and clearing houses for lots of information from everywhere. Use those sites to find a good research study which is in an article, then go find that article. One cannot always trust that the clearing house got the paraphrase or quote exactly as stated by the author. Wikipedia will not be accepted as a citation or reference.It has become evident there is a lack of knowledge related to professional writing. This is considered professional writing. There is no use of contractions or personal pronouns or slang in professional writing. One exception specific to this paper is in the Reflection section. That is for you to reflect on your research and both sides of the controversy along with your decision. Personal pronouns and contractions may be use in this section only.Papers must be typed using correct APA format, double spaced, with proper APA style cover sheet, in-text citations and references. A sample APA paper is posted under course documents to use as a guideline along with APA text (Page 306) while writing this paper. Please attach paper to an email to Mrs. Northrup. Five points will be deleted each day paper is late.All students are divided into groups with different due dates. This is to facilitate grading. If there is a big problem with your due date, you can negotiate an extension. You must contact me before your due date, however.See grading rubric on following page.CATEGORIESQUESTIONS

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