ISSC 341 – Week 5 Discussion Post

As you learned in this lesson, there are many threats in networking. How would you proactively plan against these threats?

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There are many threats in networking which continue to evolve to circumvent the protective measures placed on systems. The result is a continuous effort by networking managers to monitor, assess, and identify the threats before the network is affected. Network managers have several options to choose when planning mitigation of threats. I would always start with a centralized approach to monitor and identify the vulnerabilities which may be present. Although the risk to the one system can leave a single point of failure, the ability to see all traffic and any malicious threats can be observed(Solomon, Kim and Carrell, 2014)This is likely a good choice if the network is continuously monitored on a 24-hour basis. Otherwise, a proactive choice is using a multi-layered defense with several levels of

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