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ISSC323 week 5 quiz

Compare and contrast the 2 types of encryption that WPA uses, TKIP and AES. 200 words minimum

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Wi-Fi Protected Access also known as WPA is a type of security encryption for a network. WPA 2 is the most popular but the newest is WPA3. Within WPA2 there are encryption options available. Two of those options are Advanced Encryption Standard or AES and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol or TKIP. TKIP was created to take the place of the Wired Equivalent Privacy or WEP however it does not really do that. TKIP has been describe as a “wrapper” around WEP standard. When it originally was released it was intended more to harden WEP with its weak points in security. One of the downsides to TKIP is to do with the pre-shared keys and thus is its vulnerability as its authentication key can be taken by a hacker. AES which is based on a Rjiandael algorithm and it converts plaintext into ciphertext and has key lengths of 28, 192, or 256. With key lengths the longer the key the more difficult it is to hack. It has been said

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