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ISSC323_Week 3 Quiz

Your machine begins to randomly reboot. You have run your anti-virus software and ruled out worms or a virus. You suspect it may be a memory issue. What detailed steps will you take to confirm that this is the culprit? Start from the physical steps and continue. 300 words minimum.

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While the machine is on, I would begin by saving anything I was working on. Next, I would determine what recent changes had been made to the machine prior to the problem beginning. For example, if I had recently added or replaced the RAM module, then I would start by making sure it was compatible with the machine, ensuring it was seated properly, and ensuring it was being cooled properly. An issue could be that the cooling fan is faulty and not the RAM itself. Sometimes overheating issues can be fixed with a simple cleaning. Dust and debris can prevent motherboard components from getting proper airflow. Another way to diagnose an issue is by paying attention to beep codes as the machine is booting up (ENTRERI28, 2021).

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