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The United States have rights and responsibilities that all U.S. citizens should exercise and respect. But thanks to the First Amendment we Americans do have a freer access to news than other people in other countries. Our First Amendment does protect several basic liberties such as Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Petition and Assembly (US Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2014). There are fundamental differences between the rights and responsibilities of the U.S. citizens. So in order to protect our freedom and liberty, we as the U.S. citizens of the United States we really need to join in the democratic process and in our own communities (US Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2014). Our citizenship is a great privilege. Some of these rights and responsibilities have impacted people historically as well. One right of the U.S. citizens is Freedom of Religion.
It is your right as a citizen to have any religious belief or if you choose not to that’s your right as well. Our own government can’t violate our decision of this right either. In 1802, President Jefferson wrote “that the First Amendment’s freedom of religion clause was designed to build a wall of separation between Church and State (America, C. F. n.d.).” But if for any reason where a religious practice hurt someone or put someone in danger, the Supreme Court did put limitations on how they can be performed. Another right is “Freedom of Expression.” This does include several different rights. Such as freedom of speech, freedom of peaceably assemble and freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances (US Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2014). We as Americans do have the right to speak and act the way we want as long as it doesn’t hurt others or obstruct

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