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JD Wk 3 Forum juvenile delinquency

Discuss whether you believe theories related to societal environment or societal interactions best explain decisions to participate in juvenile delinquency.

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There are several theories which attempt to explain why juveniles choose delinquency. Of these there would be no clear winner or reason which could explain an all encompassing reason as to the cause of juvenile delinquency. Each of these theories could have elements which would make that theory valid for some cases and another valid for other cases. This could be because each case of delinquency is as unique as the individual involved in that delinquency. However some theories seem to explain a little more clearly the reasons for juveniles decide to choose delinquency. It is in my opinion that theories related to societal environment best explain a juveniles decision to participate in delinquency. The differential association theory explains that delinquency is a

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