Kelly Field HCS 326 Week 2 journal

Do you believe that your PHC is related to your socioeconomic status, environment, and/or genetics? How has it affected you at the physical level? How has it manifested physically overtime? Has it stayed in a particular place (seat) in your body or has it moved around? Did you apply any conventional interventions to address that manifestation? 

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Yes, I believe that my PHC issue which is neuropathy related symptoms, have been caused by environment and my status, when I was depressed and developed an eating disorder, I believe I developed issues ever since, and one of those being burning, shooting, stabbing sensations, with warmth and ache inside my hands and other parts of my body.

God, how hasn’t it affected me? I am affected incredibly. Physically, the pain makes me want to crawl into a ball and hide. It is so painful, and it feels like I am in a constant flare which means the pain is always forefront and center in my day. My hand pain hurts the most more than anything else, and this effects how much I can get done throughout the day, anything from doing my hair, to typing and or driving, or exercise. I push through the pain every day.

It has changed over time, and became longer in length, it stays with me longer than it uses too. I used to have moments of relief, weeks to months sometimes, with it only being like soft music playing in the background for example, and now a days, it is so incredibly intense, it is like music on full blast, and hits me like a ton of bricks. The swelling and ache alone, are alarming. The warmth I feel is so scary it is burning inside as if I am placing my hands in or over a fire.

Essentially, it was an issue only felt in my hands. Throughout time, it has occurred more intense and severe in my hands and went into my arms and legs and feet at different times in the day, weeks and or months of the year. , what were the circumstances during each period in which it was manifest in a different location? I always feel when I eat certain foods, and or am stressed, and or the weather sets the tone for how mild or severe I tend to feel the pain every day

I must run my hand sunder cold water to receive relief. I must cry to feel like I am getting relief, because the stress of it all can be so much to bear. I have not taken any medicine for the pain, but I would consider it of course. I take Tylenol or Motrin sometimes for the headache related to the pain and or in hopes to lessen the warmth, ache, and pain inside my hands.

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