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Learning Response 2 body language

Under blindfold have a conversation with a small group of people. Afterwards:

a. Discuss the importance of body language and non-verbal communication. Did you miss anything in the conversation due to visually referenced words (here, there, this, that)? How did you know who was talking?

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Much of the communication we do is done through body language and non-verbal communication, which consists of gestures, facial expression and eye contact. Non-verbal communication is highly dependent on our eyes as they detect the conveyances of many diverse non-verbal signals produced through facial expressions, body gestures and eye gaze, all of which act as important indicators of how your message is being conveyed, as well as received by others. One night while hanging out with six friends at my house, I decided to put on my blindfold for thirty minutes while continuing to converse summer plans. Immediately after losing the ability to see, I found it difficult to continue fully participating in the conversations. Everyone was talking but I couldn’t focus on a particular conversation, because I had no idea who was or who wasn’t talking to me. I was only able to identify who was speaking through recognition of their voices, had I been talking to a group of strangers I wouldn’t have been able to so.
While blindfolded I realized how much I underestimate the importance of physical proximity and eye contact in helping me focus on a specific person. Joining and leaving conversations turned out to be awkward and difficult. I couldn’t tell when someone left a discussion, if they were just waiting their turn to speak, or if they were just being quiet. I also found it really difficult to determine when to enter a conversation without interrupting in the middle. I could not see who looked ready to interject with their opinion or story, or if others were looking at me to express my opinions. Without being able to see and interpret facial expressions and eye gaze while I spoke, I couldn’t gauge if my friends were understanding me or even paying attention to what I was saying. While my friends spoke, I felt myself having to verbally express that I was following along by saying “mhm” or “right”. I also noticed that I would miss key parts of conversations when visually referenced words were being used. I recall at one point, a

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