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Learning Response 3… Netflix

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a) For this activity I decided to watch an episode of the TV-show friends on Netflix. I have been watching Friends for a while now, but I watched an episode that I hadn’t watched before under blindfold.

b) First thing I had to do was to open Netflix, find Friends on Netflix and play the episode I wanted to watch. I was blindfolded so even opening the Chrome web browser was a challenge, so I removed the blindfold and turned on the Windows Narrator which is an screen-reading app that is supposed to help blind people use a computer. Using the computer even with Narrator turned on was very difficult. Although this may be fixed by customizing Windows Narrator, the app gave a lot of unnecessary info which somewhat confused me. I was finally able to open chrome and Netflix but finding Friends was very difficult too because Netflix played trailers in the background which made it hard to hear the Narrator. After about five minutes, I was finally able to play the episode that I wanted to watch.

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