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lesson 12 psy 132 morality

Module 12.1 addresses morality using different perspectives and theorists. Read the article, We’re Still Dehumanizing Others and write an essay. In a minimum of 400 words provide a brief overview of the article. Your essay should balance personal reflection with information from the lesson materials and required reading. Remember to define and describe any psychology terms you use and cite resources appropriately.

Summarize of the concept of morality and (based on the concepts from the lesson)explain possible reasons why individuals and groups continue to dehumanize others; include biases, stereotyping and the perpetuation of language.

Select a model of ethics and discuss how you would apply it to the article, and why.

Describe how dehumanization influences moral reasoning.

Discuss the concepts of justice, equality, and equity, and how they apply or do not apply to the article.

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Dehumanizing means the, “loss of human qualities and attributes that make a person or group of people appear to be human beings. People who are experiencing dehumanization are perceived to be separate, unequal, and distant from actual humans(Dehumanization, n.d.).Dehumanizing is it very common in today`s society. It is present especially when one thinks about the presidential election. When looking at only the U.S. it was apparent to see there is a lot of racism. Many people are talking about how the race was too close for comfort a lot of the U.S. was willing to let others lose their freedom because they did not agree with giving others the same opportunities that they have.
These people were willing to vote for a president who is known for dehumanizing basically anyone who was not a white male. People continue to dehumanize others because of things like biases and stereotyping. It is common for people, “of a minority group or other marginalized individuals and groups ( based on sexual orientation, gender, disability, class, heritage, race, etc.) are susceptible and vulnerable to various forms of dehumanization”(Rio Salado,n.d.).People in these groups are seen as less than others when compared to what others view as being the perfect human being. Stereotypes also have an important impact because, “we may believe that poor people deserve to be poor because they are lazy, that crime victims deserve to be victims because they are careless, and that people with AIDS deserve their illness because of their immoral behavior”(Rio

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