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lesson 4 enculturation agents

Discuss how the theories of Piaget and Erikson apply to your own development including how the enculturation agents in your life played a role in your developing into the person you are today. Using at least three (3) of the concepts discussed in Module 4.2, also discuss the concepts of nature and nurture and how these two factors apply in your own development. How did the parenting styles of your parents influence your own beliefs? Regarding nature vs. nurture: Genetically, do you believe you were born with an easy temperament? Did your upbringing influence this trait within you?

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There is a saying that all children are born good and pure, but life makes them dark. I believe it to betrue to an extent some people are dealt some horrible cards in life, but it is important to remember thatas long as you are alive you can always change. I think that life is what you make it to be, life is not perfect, and we can’t expect it to be perfect because if it is was how would we grow? Life is aboutmaking mistakes and learning from them so that we don`t make those same mistakes again.I think it isvery important for parents to nurture their children because nurture has a bigger impact on children than people believe. There have been multiple cases of children growing up in environments that were harmful. Many people do not believe that babies can carry traumatic memories to adult hood, but it ispossible as it has a big effect on them.

Children sometimes grow up in abusive homes and it is common for children to either follow their parents’ destructive path or to become the opposite of their parents. Ifchildren are not nurtured properly it will affect them dramatically as this can cause trust issues. It canalso cause them not to understand who they are as a person. I know some people who felt ashamed tocome out as being gay and they denied it themselves because they felt like their parents would notaccept them for whom they were. Although, nurture is very important to the development nature is alsoa big part of our development. We all have to go through stagesto develop Piaget theorized thatthrough our development we went through four stage: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete

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