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LIB 323 week 2 discussion 2

Radical Islam is widely perceived to be the greatest international threat to the United States in terms of terrorism. Do you agree or disagree with this assertion? Provide reasons to support your position. Ifradical Islam does not pose the most significant international terroristic threat to the United States, what does?

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According to Spindlove (2013) “the lack of significant terrorist attacks on the United States since 9/11suggests not only intelligence and investigative success but also an American Muslim community that remains overwhelmingly unsympathetic to jihadist appeals” (p.83) While there are of course, numerous instances of small attacks or failed attacks in the United States, none of them have been on the scale of9/11 and the ones that do succeed seem to be perpetrated by those who have little or no ties what so ever to terrorist organizations but simply became radicalized all on their own. The recent San Bernardino shooting, while tragic and infuriating, resulted in 14 deaths. Americans are killed more every year by right wing extremists than Radical Islamic terrorists according to Kurzman (2015). Zenko (2012) goes a step further are writes and article titles “Americans are as likely to be killed by their furniture as by terrorism” and cites statistics released by the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) which states only .
0001 of the over 13,000 people killed last year by terrorists were American. This is of course not to suggest Americans are not in danger but only that they likely hood of being killed by a terrorist is low but the fear mongering going on with the news and social media are making us look left when we should be looking right where the real danger lies. This danger is lies within those rightwing extremist groups whose growing discontent with the government is mounting and those radical Christian groups who believe we are living in the end of times and that the moral decay of society is something they must fight against, violently if need be, in order to call attention to their cause. In addition to political extremists like antiabortion groups, antigovernment groups, there is mounting racial tension within our country that has led to riots and protests around the country. Tension is mounting in

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