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LIB 323 week 4 discussion 2

Numerous Islamic terrorist groups have been active in the Middle East in recent decades. For your initial post, select one of these groups and describe how they have impacted the political landscape of the Middle East. What motivates this group? Who are their primary economic and material sponsors? Extrapolate what the ultimate goal of this group is and explain whether this goal achievable.

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I believe that no other terrorist organization has changed the political landscape of the Middle East more than the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).We could consider ISIS an opportunist; they took advantage of the instability in the region to promote their ultimate goal of an Islamic State. They benefited greatly from the civil war and sectarian differences in Syria. They also identified the political weakness and sectarian conflict in the struggling Iraqi government after the pullout of American military forces. The instability of the region was their greater asset. According to Kayani, Ahmed & Shoaib,(2015), after the American withdrawal from Iraq “in 2011, the group started launching attacks against Nouri Al Maliki-led [Shia dominated] government and staged several bomb attacks, kidnapping, beheading, looting and killings of the people, mainly Shi’ite.

By 2014, it emerged as an independent organization in both Iraq and Syria after having several differences with Al-Qaeda (p. 2)As an organization ISIS tend to act independently from other terrorist groups and it’s financially self-sufficient. According to Dr. Andrew Terrill (2014), ISIS maintain a high “financial reserves and may be entirely self- financing at this point. This financial independence is the result of an ongoing strategy to reduce or eliminate dependence on private foreign donors, who may face government crackdowns on efforts to transfer- funds.” (p. 17) ISIS support it operation from looting seized territories, taxing the population and smuggling oil into the black-market. Recently we have heard the news reports about the increased level of targeting of oil tankers by Western and Middle Eastern forces opposed to ISIS. It’s my believe that the central goal of ISIS is the ultimate destruction of Western culture and any other  group who opposed their ultimate goal of instituting a Sharia Islamic State.

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