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Lino midterm CMRJ 308

Discuss Immanuel Kant’s Ethical Theory i.e., deontology and how it may apply to modern policing ethical practices. In doing so, describe the theory of deontology and provide some historical background pertaining to Kant (born 1724 – died 1804). No direct quotes should be used in the response.

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Immanuel Kant was and continues to be a vital figure in modern day philosophy leaving behind at least eleven published works, and multiple theories that are still used and taught today. Kant was born in Königsberg, Prussia in 1724, but this city has been renamed Kaliningrad and is part of Russia. Kant was raised in a modest home and followed the lutheran movement named Pietism, went away from pietism due to his disagreement with certain peitist teachings . Kant did not travel far from his city of birth, and would later die in the same city in 1804. (MWFS. 2001). Kant spent the majority of his life working as a private tutor and as a teacher of philosophy. There are two theories that are used when it comes to ethical theories, those two are Utilitarianism and Deontology.

In Utilitarianism you consider the consequences  and if the results are for the greater good, than they are considered morally right. (Korner. & Volk.2014). Deontology, summed up, is doing the right thing because you are morally obligated to do it by following the rules you are instructed to enforce, but you have to disregard any consequences. It a way you are almost following the Deontological theory blindly. Deontology falls under the three principles that Kant believed to be true, which are “Do not cheat, steal, or lie. An example would be you are working at a restaurant and at the end of the day you throw away all the unsold food. A homeless man comes in and asks you if they can have some of the food you are throwing away. Your work has a strict policy when it comes to unsold food, and it needs to be thrown away. You can give that man some food and help him, but that would be against your restaurants policy and could potentially lead to you getting

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