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LR Discussion 3 Employee Free Choice Act

The proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would fundamentally change the 80 year old system through which employees choose to be represented by a union (or not).What is the EFCA and what are the primary differences between it and the current process for organizing a union? Do you favor EFCA or the current secret ballot system? Please justify your response. Use a minimum of one reference. Interact with a minimum of one classmate.

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The purpose of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) was to amend the policies established in the National Labor Relations Act. The proposed amendment was created to protect the employees’ right to join unions without fear of reprisal from employers. The union would be able to negotiate with an employer if they received the majority of union members’  signature; currently employers can demand a separate ballot from the employees.  Upon taking the claim to legislation both parties have 120 days to seek mediation assistance and are able to request a binding arbitration. Authors David Madland and Karla Walter state, “The legislation would allow either party to seek mediation assistance after 90 days of negotiations. After30 days of mediation, either party can request binding arbitration,”[Mad09].Finally the bill would increase the penalties against employers who discriminate against those involved in the union. There are five simple steps that should be followed in order to organize a union. First, build an organizing committee that represents all of

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