LTC 315 Week 3 DQ 2 regulations

What are advantages & disadvantages of regulations, under-regulations, & over-regulations as they relate to assisted living facilities?

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Each state has its own set of regulations that set the standard for housing facilities for senior citizens. The state takes charge of regulating assisted living facilities within its jurisdiction. One drawback in the regulation for assisted living facilities in the Mississippi area is that it is not necessary to obtain any certifications to work as an aide in the facilities, which mayen danger the residents since the staff may lack training required when dealing with the residents. The safety guideline is another drawback since residents can cook inside private kitchens in the rooms even though no fire extinguisher is required to be positioned inside the room. Residents may be at risk of injury or death if something catches fire inside the room &none of the staff is available to deal with it. However, the fact that facilities are subjected to annual inspections to ensure that the building complies with standards is one advantage of the regulations in the state.

Another advantage in the regulation is the confidentiality that each facility maintains in the information about the residents ensures that the identity of the residents will not be misused. Residents are also protected from abuse, which is included in the regulation set by the state. This ensures that the residents remain protected & out of harm’s way. Despite the differences in regulations among the states, these regulations aim to ensure the safety of the residents & the facility itself. Numerous regulations have been set by authorities that are applicable to everyone from all walks of life. Everyone is required to follow these regulations. There may be some exceptions to the rule, particularly when it comes to licensing requirements of state & federal authorities. An assisted living facility with a license may have residents with some type of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. The facility may be required to have a special waiver to allow it to provide care for these residents. Certain safeguards designed for these residents should be in place.

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