Management of migraine

1. The nurse determines that teaching about management of migraine headaches has been effective when the patient says which of the following? a . I can take the (Topamax) as soon as a headache starts. b . A glass of wine might help me relax and prevent a headache. c . I will lie down someplace dark and quiet when the headaches begin. d . I should avoid taking aspirin and sumatriptan (Imitrex) at the same tim ANS: C 2. The nurse will assess a 67-year-old patient who is experiencing a cluster headache for a . nuchal rigidity. b . unilateral ptosis. c . projectile vomiting. d . throbbing, bilateral facial pain. ANS: B 3. While the nurse is transporting a patient on a stretcher to the radiology department, the patient begins having a tonic- clonic seizure. Which action should the nurse take? a . Insert an oral airway during the seizure to maintain a patent airway. b . Restrain the patients arms and legs to prevent injury during the seizur c . Time and observe and record the details of the seizure and postictal st d . Avoid touching the patient to prevent further nervous system stimulat ANS: C 4. A high school teacher who has just been diagnosed with epilepsy after having a generalized tonic-clonic seizure tells the nurse, I cannot teach anymore, it will be too upsetting if I have a seizure at work. Which response by the nurse is best? a . You might benefit from some psychologic counseling. b . Epilepsy usually can be well controlled with medications. c . You will want to contact the Epilepsy Foundation for assistance. d . The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation can help with work retrai ANS: B 5. A patient has been taking phenytoin (Dilantin) for 2 years. Which action will the nurse take when evaluating for adverse effects of the medication? a . Inspect the oral mucosa. b . Listen to the lung sounds. c . Auscultate the bowel tones. d . Check pupil reaction to light. ANS: A 6. A patient reports feeling numbness and tingling of the left arm before experiencing a tonic

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