Marketing Process

Unit 1 Discussion: Perception

Unit 1 Discussion: Perception


· In response to your peers, briefly share an experience where your perception influenced communication in a social situation. (Please respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts.)




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In this clip from a favorite show of mine, Ted Lasso, we see a stereotype of a middle-aged white man being resistant to therapy. The therapist in the scene seems to have made the assumption that white men don’t talk about their feelings, and is seemingly correct, as Ted deflects and makes rude accusations that seem to validate how uncomfortable he feels. In the end, he storms off and doesn’t finish his session with the therapist, claiming that therapy is “bullsh*t”.

The stereotype of older white men having aversions to therapy is one that has some truth in the world, but like any stereotype, doesn’t reflect the individual nature of people. In the end, the stereotype that the therapist is making could be seen as causing tension, and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ted leaves because he feels attacked, and with better communication or validation of his fears, instead of judgment, it could have been a more open conversation.


Ted Lasso therapy. (2021, September 3). [Video]. YouTube.

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In a advertisement I saw for Liberty Mutual Insurance they enforce a couple stereotypes our society have about actors and young people. The commercial starts with him explaining he is an actor, then he began to read his lines which he struggled with. My perception from that part of the commercial is that he is not that smart because he is an aspiring actor and throughout my life actors have not been portrayed as smart. The other stereotype the commercial plays on was that of young people being unprofessional and more engaged with their phones. At one point in the commercial his phone rings while he is working and he stops what he is doing to answer his phone.


Liberty Mutual. (2022, March 22) Worse job Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial [Video].Youtube.


Unit 1 DB: Creating Value Through the Marketing Process

Unit 1 DB: Creating Value Through the Marketing Process


Keep in mind, you are being asked to share your personal opinions and purchasing experiences!

In response to your peers, address your experience with similar products/services and your assessment of your classmate’s review.


We want to hear your opinions so please try to post more than the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 3 times in this weekly conversations. Here’s a set of recommendations:

· Try to post your initial post on Monday or Tuesday (no later than Wednesday)

· Try to post at least 2 responses (absolute minimum requirement) to other students on separate days of the week

For example:

· 1 on Thursday

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