Mental health

NURS 205 Mental Health Assessment Project

The student will select a film that captures the human experience of emotional distress and will present an overview of their mental health assessment based on a character in the movie. Each student will select one character from the movie to assess. The required information to be included in the presentation is outlined in the rubric. The presentation will consist of a powerpoint with references cited in APA format.

You may select a movie from the list below or choose one of your liking. Try to stay away from horror films as they rarely depict mental illness appropriately.

Movie selections examples are as follows:

· Born of the Fourth of July

· As Good as it Gets

· The Aviator

· A Beautiful Mind

· Mr. Jones

· Ordinary People

· ‘Night Mother

· The Three Faces of Eve

· The Caine Mutiny

· Taxi Driver

· Girl Interrupted

· My Name is Bill W.

· 28 Days

· The Best Little Girl in the World

· Iris

· Awakenings

· Sybil

· Alice & Frankie

Section Points
What specific mental health disorder is depicted by your character of choice? 10
What symptoms of the disorder does the character display? 10
How do the symptoms of the disorder affect the character’s relationships with others? 10
What level of treatment (inpatient short-stay hospitalization, state long-term hospitalization, outpatient therapy, etc) would you recommend for the character and why? 10
Form a nursing care plan for the character you chose in the film. The care plan should include the following:

· 3 NANDA Nursing Diagnoses (3 pts)

· 1 objective for each nursing diagnosis (3 objectives total) (3 pts)

· 3 interventions for each nursing diagnosis (9 interventions total) ( 9 pts)

· 3 rationales for each intervention (9 rationales total) (9 pts)

· 1 evaluation for each intervention (9 evaluations total) (9 pts)

· One intervention MUST be pharmacological. Include the Name, Class, Method of Action, and Monitoring required for pharmacological intervention of choice. You can include the phrase : “Will administer xyz med per physician order”

Do you feel like this film is a realistic portrayal of the selected mental illness? Explain why or why not 10
Should this film be used to educate patients and families about mental illness? Explain why or why not. 10
Presentation is in APA Format with appropriate reference list and has NO GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. 7
Total Points 100

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